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Jan Sargeant (MA) - From academic to abstract artist: the metamorphosis of disabilty

Jan Sargeant paints as WWS (Woman with Stick), a reference to the disability caused by Parkinson's Disease. She is largely self-taught, and with no formal art training. She uses art and poetry to express moods and feelings suggested by places and experiences. Her painting falls loosely within the English Romantic/Abstract landscape tradition and her work is described by many as Turneresque. She is an intuitive painter with no knowledge of any art theory or conventions to act as a barrier to her imagination or practice.  

She has quickly become an established and recognised artist whose work is held in private collections in London, Inverness and Aberdeen. Her work has been shown in four city centre art gallery exhibitions, including the "Immanent Secrets" exhibition in New York, November 2020; receiving the Curator's Award for her work "Emergent".


"Your paintings are really powerful." 

            "You have a wonderful talent." 

"My first reaction was visceral - I wanted to lick it."

"A couple of your paintings hanging on my wall give me endless pleasure."

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2016, and with HNPP shortly afterwards, she took up painting for the first time ever in January 2018 and found it offered a new meaning and direction. It allowed her in part to visualise her feelings about disability and her changing emotions about living with Parkinson's through the Facing Parkinson's series and that based on Movement. Her work on exploring Parkinson's has resulted in her leading painting workshops for patients in a research project at John Radcliffe hospital. These have been so successful that they have developed in to international online events with other artists keen to be involved in the work too. Jan will now become lead artist for this project and be seconded for so many hours a week to steer this work.  

She was commissioned to produce work  for an International Art Festival in The Gallery@Oxo, London for February 2021. 

An anthology of poetry,  "Jigsaw", contains a number of her poems and is available on Amazon. She co-edited and helped to write this book and all proceeds are donated to Parkinson's UK.

She was the judge for the Parkinson's Art International Poet of the Year Award (2020).

She has been commissioned to produce a painting for an International Art Festival in The Gallery at Oxo, London (February 2021).