Amity Art

Own original but affordable art

Amity Art

Own original but affordable art

Amity Friends

If you would like to become a 'friend' of Amity Art and receive regular, but not over frequent, news, updates, exhibition private viewing invites,  please provide your contact details here.   You might also like to visit some of our Friends' web sites:


Chris Smith           sculptor

Claire Murray        artist and designer

Rosie Bramley      artist

Karen Bartlett       lecturer in costume design

Jayne Dawson      music teacher (retired)

June Hurst            Drama lecturer (retired)

Kay Malick            MA student and artist

Amna Khurram     Motivational speaker

Anette Resendal   Art enthusiast and bookbinder

Anna Bowman      Curator National Arts Education Archive at YSP ttps://

Carla Sealey          Ceramicist, glass maker and jeweller

Andrew Richardson Medd     Designer AMarts ANDREWMEDD@AMARTS.INFO